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Amkecpak, a makefile based packaging framework. Documentation Status
Doc:Documentation on ReadTheDoc
Author:Pierre-Francois Carpentier - copyright © 2017

Packaging documentation in a nutshell

# Install the packaing tools
$ apt-get install make debhelper reprepro cowbuilder wget
# or
$ yum install make rpm-sign expect rpm-build createrepo mock wget

# Init a package foo
$ ./common/ -n foo

$ cd foo/

# Implementing the package
$ vim Makefile
$ make manifest
$ vim debian/rules ; vim debian/control
$ vim rpm/component.spec

# Help for the various targets
$ make help

# Building the packages
$ make deb
$ make rpm

# Same in chroots, targeting specific distribution versions
$ make deb_chroot DIST=jessie
$ make rpm_chroot DIST=el7

$ cd ../

# gpg key generation (one time thing)
$ gpg --gen-key

# editing the global configuration
$ vim common/buildenv/Makefile.config

# Building the repositories
# Use ERROR=skip to ignore package build failures and continue building the repo
$ make deb_repo -j 4 DIST=jessie # ERROR=skip
$ make rpm_repo -j 1 DIST=el7    # ERROR=skip

If you need more information, read the detailed documentation.

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