simple fan control script for thinkpad
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simple fan control script for thinkpad


thinkfan-sh is released under the MIT Public License

Description is just a very simple shell script that handles fan speed on thinkpad computers under GNU/Linux using /proc/acpi/ibm/fan and /proc/acpi/ibm/thermal.


This script plays around your fan speed, so it could be a dangerous for your computer. Use it carefully.

A nice visible temperature widget might be a good idea.

Some tuning might also be good.

Using the script

Installation and configuration

As root:

curl -o /usr/local/bin/
vim /usr/local/bin/ #edit some parameters to your taste
chmod 700 /usr/local/bin/

On some distros you may need to add thinkpad_acpi.fan_control=1 to your kernel comand line (hint, look at /boot/grub/grub.cfg).

Making it start on boot

  • On (Debian & RedHat/Centos): add /usr/local/bin/ & inside /etc/rc.local (Debian & RedHat/Centos).
  • On Gentoo: ln -s /usr/local/bin/ /etc/local.d/thinkfan.start should do the trick.


This script has three "fan states":

  • low (1): lowest fan speed
  • mid (2): mid fan speed
  • high (3): highest fan speed

It also has four "temperature thresholds":

  • LIMIT_1_UP: temperature where it switches from 1 to 2 while going up
  • LIMIT_1_DOWN: temperature where it switches from 2 to 1 while going down
  • LIMIT_2_UP: temperature where it switches from 2 to 3 while going up
  • LIMIT_2_DOWN: temperature where it switches from 3 to 2 while going down

It works like that:

  • Let say you start at low (1)
  • your computer heats up, the temperature will go over LIMIT_1_UP
  • the new state is set to mid (2)
  • it will remain at mid (2) for a while (unless it goes over LIMIT_2_UP)
  • the temperature goes under "LIMIT_1_DOWN" (which is lower than LIMIT_1_UP)
  • the state comes back to low (1)

LIMIT_1_UP is greater than LIMIT_1_DOWN in order to prevent the fan to switch every second from low to mid.

The same principal is used to switch between mid (2) and high (3) with LIMIT_2_UP and LIMIT_2_DOWN.

Tuning the script

There are several things you can tun inside this script.

The temperature thresholds in Celsius degree:

  • LIMIT_1_UP
  • LIMIT_2_UP

Note that LIMIT_N_DOWN must lower than LIMIT_N_UP.

The different fan speeds:


The value is an integer between 0 (fan disabled) and 7 (fan at max speed).

Note that there could be less than 8 speeds ( 4 and 5 could mean the same speed for example).

The default values are those used on my thinkpad T60 (the hotter one), I can set STATE_1_LEVEL to 0 on my thinkpad x60.

Hope it helps to make your thinkpad a little quieter.