Static site framework for prototyping and building out CMS-less websites at Kalamuna
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Static site application framework for prototyping and styleguiding.



$ npm install kalastatic --save



Construct your source files, using the template engine name in the file extension. The following example uses the Pug template engine, but others are available (Twig, Mustache, etc).


pretty: true
title: Hello World!
doctype html
    title= title
    h1= title


KalaStatic can be configured through a kalastatic.yaml file. The default options are as follows:

# The base directory of where the base KalaStatic lives.
base: .

# What BrowserSync should consider the index page.
bsIndex: 'index.html'

# What BrowserSync should consider the webroot when running KalaStatic.
# Defaults to the KalaStatic destination directory.
bsWebroot: ''

# Whether or not to open the browser when initially running Kalastatic.
bsBrowser: false

# The directory (from base), where the source content files live.
source: src

# Where the files will be built out to.
destination: build

# The options to pass off to the Metalsmith plugins when building, keyed by plugin name.
pluginOpts: {}

# KSS Styleguide Configuration
  # Set the path to a custom KSS Builder
  builder: null
  title: "Styleguide"
  homepage: styles/
  css: ../styles/main.css
    - src/components/
    - src/styles/


KalaStatic can be used as a command line interface. The following are some of its commands:


Runs through the KalaStatic build tasks and outputs to the destination folder.

node_modules/.bin/kalastatic build


Starts up a development server through BrowserSync in order to watch and serve KalaStatic. Changes you make to the source will automatically reflect in the browser.

node_modules/.bin/kalastatic start


While you can run kalastatic as a CLI application, it is recommended to run the above commands through the use of npm scripts in package.json:

"scripts": {
  "test": "kalastatic build",
  "start: "kalastatic start"

Then you can simply run the following commands to interact with your project:

npm test
npm start


KalaStatic can be used a JavaScript API. Calling KalaStatic() will build, and return a Promise.

var KalaStatic = require('kalastatic')
KalaStatic('path/to/site').then(function() {
  // Site built