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At first, I don't know where you resolve in normal cases. But I found this bug when I logged to site with facebook_connect and then recreate database. So I found exception. I dive deeper to your library and found that you have infinity callback calling in line:

validate :validate_by_facebook_connect, :if => :authenticating_with_facebook_connect?

and you call save in validate_by_facebook_connect, so it recursivly call itself. I fix it by this code:

 def validate_by_facebook_connect
    facebook_session = controller.facebook_session
    self.attempted_record = facebook_user_class.find(:first, :conditions => { facebook_uid_field => facebook_session.user.uid })

    if self.attempted_record
      self.attempted_record.update_attribute(facebook_session_key_field, facebook_session.session_key)

Please add fix in new version


Thanks! This solved an issue I had

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