Fixes music metadata and adds album art.
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Adds Metadata to Music files

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  1. Fixes songs in nested directories recursively.
  2. Fetches metadata from Spotify
  3. Multiple options to format file (Options to revert file back)
  4. Simple binary


Spotify API

  1. Create an account and register an application.
  2. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret.
  3. Set them in config file after running musicrepair -config
config file will be created after running musicrepair -config, and located at $HOME/.musicrepair/config.json

Set them using -config

$ musicrepair -config                                               
Enter Spotify client ID : <enter Spotify client ID>  
Enter Spotify client secret : <enter Spotify client secret>                                     


Via Binary

Download the latest binary from the releases page.

Make sure to add the binary to your $PATH

Via Go

$ go get -u -v
$ which musicrepair
$ $GOPATH/bin/musicrepair


Initially, you'll have to add the Spotify credentials.

$ musicrepair -config

After that, always a simple command

$ musicrepair
✨ 🍰


$ musicrepair -help

Usage of musicrepair:
    	If set, MusicRepair will ask for credentials
  -dir string
    	Specifies the directory where the music files are located (default "./")
    	If set, Musicrepair will run recursively in the given directory
    	If set, Musicrepair will revert the files
  -threads int
    	Specify the number of threads to use (default 1)


Found an issue? Post it in the issue tracker.

Want to add another awesome feature? Fork this repository and add your feature, then send a pull request.


The MIT License (MIT) Copyright (c) 2017 Lakshay Kalbhor