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# Copyright 2016 Johns Hopkins University (Author: Daniel Povey)
# 2016 Vimal Manohar
# Apache 2.0.
""" This module contains the statistics extraction and pooling layer.
from __future__ import print_function
import re
from libs.nnet3.xconfig.basic_layers import XconfigLayerBase
class XconfigStatsLayer(XconfigLayerBase):
"""This class is for parsing lines like
stats-layer name=tdnn1-stats config=mean+stddev(-99:3:9:99) input=tdnn1
This adds statistics-pooling and statistics-extraction components. An
example string is 'mean(-99:3:9::99)', which means, compute the mean of
data within a window of -99 to +99, with distinct means computed every 9
frames (we round to get the appropriate one), and with the input extracted
on multiples of 3 frames (so this will force the input to this layer to be
evaluated every 3 frames). Another example string is
'mean+stddev(-99:3:9:99)', which will also cause the standard deviation to
be computed.
The dimension is worked out from the input. mean and stddev add a
dimension of input_dim each to the output dimension. If counts is
specified, an additional dimension is added to the output to store log
Parameters of the class, and their defaults:
input='[-1]' [Descriptor giving the input of the layer.]
dim=-1 [Output dimension of layer. If provided, must match the
dimension computed from input]
config='' [Required. Defines what stats must be computed.]
def __init__(self, first_token, key_to_value, prev_names=None):
assert first_token in ['stats-layer']
XconfigLayerBase.__init__(self, first_token, key_to_value, prev_names)
def set_default_configs(self):
self.config = {'input': '[-1]',
'dim': -1,
'config': ''}
def set_derived_configs(self):
config_string = self.config['config']
if config_string == '':
raise RuntimeError("config has to be non-empty",
m ="(mean|mean\+stddev|mean\+count|mean\+stddev\+count)"
if m is None:
raise RuntimeError("Invalid statistic-config string: {0}".format(
config_string), self)
self._output_stddev = ( in ['mean+stddev',
self._output_log_counts = ( in ['mean+count',
self._left_context = -int(
self._input_period = int(
self._stats_period = int(
self._right_context = int(
if self._output_stddev:
output_dim = 2 * self.descriptors['input']['dim']
output_dim = self.descriptors['input']['dim']
if self._output_log_counts:
output_dim = output_dim + 1
if self.config['dim'] > 0 and self.config['dim'] != output_dim:
raise RuntimeError(
"Invalid dim supplied {0:d} != "
"actual output dim {1:d}".format(
self.config['dim'], output_dim))
self.config['dim'] = output_dim
def check_configs(self):
if not (self._left_context >= 0 and self._right_context >= 0
and self._input_period > 0 and self._stats_period > 0
and self._left_context % self._stats_period == 0
and self._right_context % self._stats_period == 0
and self._stats_period % self._input_period == 0):
raise RuntimeError(
"Invalid configuration of statistics-extraction: {0}".format(
self.config['config']), self)
super(XconfigStatsLayer, self).check_configs()
def _generate_config(self):
input_desc = self.descriptors['input']['final-string']
input_dim = self.descriptors['input']['dim']
configs = []
'component name={name}-extraction-{lc}-{rc} '
'type=StatisticsExtractionComponent input-dim={dim} '
'input-period={input_period} output-period={output_period} '
'include-variance={var} '.format(, lc=self._left_context, rc=self._right_context,
dim=input_dim, input_period=self._input_period,
var='true' if self._output_stddev else 'false'))
'component-node name={name}-extraction-{lc}-{rc} '
'component={name}-extraction-{lc}-{rc} input={input} '.format(, lc=self._left_context, rc=self._right_context,
stats_dim = 1 + input_dim * (2 if self._output_stddev else 1)
'component name={name}-pooling-{lc}-{rc} '
'type=StatisticsPoolingComponent input-dim={dim} '
'input-period={input_period} left-context={lc} right-context={rc} '
'num-log-count-features={count} output-stddevs={var} '.format(, lc=self._left_context, rc=self._right_context,
dim=stats_dim, input_period=self._stats_period,
count=1 if self._output_log_counts else 0,
var='true' if self._output_stddev else 'false'))
'component-node name={name}-pooling-{lc}-{rc} '
'component={name}-pooling-{lc}-{rc} '
'input={name}-extraction-{lc}-{rc} '.format(, lc=self._left_context, rc=self._right_context))
return configs
def output_name(self, auxiliary_output=None):
return 'Round({name}-pooling-{lc}-{rc}, {period})'.format(, lc=self._left_context,
rc=self._right_context, period=self._stats_period)
def output_dim(self, auxiliary_outputs=None):
return self.config['dim']
def get_full_config(self):
ans = []
config_lines = self._generate_config()
for line in config_lines:
for config_name in ['ref', 'final']:
ans.append((config_name, line))
return ans