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About the REVERB challenge ASR task:
  This is a kaldi recipe for REVERB (REverberant Voice Enhancement and Recognition Benchmark) challenge. 
  The challenge assumes the scenario of capturing utterances spoken by a single stationary distant-talking 
  speaker with 1-channel (1ch), 2-channel (2ch) or 8-channel (8ch) microphone-arrays in reverberant meeting rooms. 
  It features both real recordings and simulated data, a part of which simulates the real recordings. The ASR 
  challenge task consists of improving the recognition accuracy of the same reverberant speech. The background 
  noise is mostly stationary and the signal-to-noise ratio is modest. 
  See in more detail.

Each subdirectory of this directory contains the
scripts for a sequence of experiments.
s5 is the currently recommmended setup.

  s5: This is based on the WSJ s5 recipe.