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MediaWikiBot PHP Class

The MediaWikiBot PHP Class provides an easy to use interface for the MediaWiki API.

Usage examples

Common code at the beginning of each script:


$api = '';
$wiki = new MediaWikiBot($api, 'username', 'password');
//$wiki->setDebugMode(true); // enable this to see what's happening

$loginerror = $wiki->login();
if (isset($loginerror)) {
   echo "login returned an error: ". print_r($loginerror, true) ."\n";

// if you do not want to edit anything you don't need this
$edittoken = $wiki->getEditToken();
if ($edittoken == null) {
   echo "Unable to aquire an edit token\n";

Edit a page

$page  = "Main_Page";
// to edit a page you have to know its page-id
$querydata = array(
   'prop'       => 'info',
   'titles'     => $page
$r = $wiki->query($querydata);
$pages = $r['query']['pages'];
$page = array_pop($pages);
$pageid = $page['pageid'];

$text = "== Main Page ==\nThis is the new text.\n";
if ($pageid) {
   $editdata = array(
      'pageid'     => $pageid,
      'text'       => "$text",
      'bot'        => true,
      'md5'        => md5($text),
      'token'      => $edittoken,
   $r = $wiki->edit($editdata);
   // You may want to check if $r['edit']['result'] contains 'Success'

Upload a file

The following code works for php 5.3 (and probably 5.4).
For 5.5 and newer you may have to use a CURLFile-object instead of the
@file;type=... syntax.

$file = '/tmp/test.jpg';
$filename = 'JustATest.jpg';
$uploaddata = array(
   'filename' => $filename,
   'text'     => "This is just a description.",
   'file'     => "@". $file .";type=image/jpeg",
   'token'    => $edittoken,
$r = $wiki->upload($uploaddata);
// You may want to check if $r['upload']['result'] contains 'Success'