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= Git
= 0.0.6
* Added spam_answer_tag for simple spam protection or CAPTCHA
* Added comments.notify_creator and comments.notify_updater to send emails to the page creator/updater [Jim Gay]
* Added accept.png icon and rake task to copy it. []
= 0.0.5
* Pluralized the `comments` tag so that it does not conflict with the standard Radiant `comment` tag. []
* Added posting confirmation support. []
* Added validation support. []
* Allow disabling of input filters. []
* Updated to work with Radiant 0.6.7. []
= 0.0.4
* Added additional options and formatting to admin interface [rch]
* Added comment approval options [rch]
* Comments must now be approved before they will show up [rch]
= 0.0.3
* Changed dependency from admin_parts to shards. [hcf]
* Added the snippets to a migration, so that the users no longer have to do this manually. [hcf]
* Changed filter_id from integer to string to make it similar to radiant core. [hcf]
* Removed the 'Comments' tab, and moved the functionality to the 'Pages' tab instead using shards. [hcf]
* Added support for filters in comments, through the comment:filter_box_tag tag. [hcf]
* Simplified the comment snippets. [hcf]
= 0.0.2
* Added Akismet support.
* Added admin tools for moderating comments.
* Added destroy dependency to Page#Comments association.
* Added no_login_required to CommentsController. Comment should no longer force login when posted.
= 0.0.1
* Basic comment functionality in place