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WIP Jupyter notebook for the D programming language / DSLs written in D
D Shell
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** This project has been replaced by Jupyter-Wire **

A Jupyter Notebook kernel written in D.

Currently supports an echo "interpreter" and D Repl. Tested on Arch Linux; should work on other distributions and Windows with minor changes.

To install run ./ This copies the executable jupyterd to /usr/sbin (you need sudo) and makes a directory /usr/share/jupyter/kernels/d/ and copies the kernel.json file to this directory. Change the argv argument in kernel.json from d to echo if you wish to switch to the echo interpreter.

Then just run jupyter notebook and create a new notebook using the d kernel.

Wait for the kernel to come online - it can take a while (needs to be fixed).

Kernel imports all of phobos using std.experimental.all.

It's pre-alpha, just a bare proof of concept right now.

The existing D repl was written for the commandline and probably you will encounter difficulties running it in a notebook environment.

Other projects - see pydmagic by John Colvin

To Do

  • Make it work as you would expect a kernel to in any language
  • Add HTML and markdown table output to display arrays of structs or of dicts in a useful manner
  • Integrate with mir and other numeric libraries
  • Integrate with charting
  • Consider adding to Dlang tour and when stable
  • Integrate with dpp
  • Integrate with dub


  • Existing kernel will allow you to return MIME images, HTML and Markdown inline
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