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Kaleido Main-net Reporter

This is a sample program that shows how a user can retrieve the state reports saved to the main-net.


  • Node.js
  • npm


npm install


node getenv.js --network <rinkeby-net-http-endpoint> --envId <envId> --latest <count>

network is the main-net or rinkeby net http endpoint (must match the network you chose when provisioning the kaleido environment). If you don't have an endpoint to the main-net handy, you can use infura to get one.

envId is the Kaleido Environment ID (for an environment that has the main-net relay option selected when it was created)

latest allows you to control the total number of reports to retrieve (defaults to one)

short-form usage: node getenv.js --network <http-endpoint> <envId>

Report Format

Each report contains the following data:

nodeIdHash: 0x...
blockNumber: ...
blockHash: 0x...
checksum: 0x...
signature: { v: ..., r: 0x..., s: 0x...}

Please report problems to


This is pre-release software and should be considered alpha code.