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Custom Magento Reports with Google Chart API

Easily create reports with custom SQL queries and display them using the magento admin grid or using Google Charts API.


  • Report result table
  • Ability to define column configuration or allow auto configuration.
  • The following Google Charts are currently supported, please see the examples:
  • Pie Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Column Chart
  • Calendar Chart
    • When querying for the date, you must query the date using UNIX_TIMESTAMP() like the following:
      • UNIX_TIMESTAMP(date([[date field]]))
  • Control access to viewing, editing, and creation of reports in Magento ACL list.
  • Cache results in dynamically created tables for performance and historical reasons.
  • Select separate database connection to run queries against
  • Ability to add links to column values (clickable)
  • Ability to hide columns when data is used for other columns (such as clickable)


  • Fix the calendar chart to support more than 1 year.
  • Add logic to prepare data for specific chart types.
  • Wrapping the json results for web service consumption.
  • Add the sample reports
  • New Customers (Calendar Chart)
  • Order Status (Pie Chart)
  • Order Status By Month (Stacked column chart)
  • Sales by Month (Bar Chart)
  • Sales By Day (Calendar Chart)
  • Sales by Month (Column Chart)
  • Add ability to select database resource per report (?)
  • Better documentation...


See the contributor list

Known Issues

  • Calendar Chart only supports one year.


  • Use at your own risk.
  • This is a developer tool.
  • We know you can delete from tables.

Grid Configuration Format

It's possible to make columns filterable by using the "Grid Configuration" option. This field expects a JSON object with key/value pairs. There are two options to make a set of columns configurable, an array containing the names of the columns to be filtered:

"filterable": ["customer_group", "region"]

Or an object with key/value pairs of the column name and Magento admin block type. It is important that this be a valid block type otherwise the grid will fail to render.

"filterable": {"created_at_date": "adminhtml/widget_grid_column_filter_date"}

Here is a list of common filter block types:

  • adminhtml/widget_grid_column_filter_datetime
  • adminhtml/widget_grid_column_filter_date
  • adminhtml/widget_grid_column_filter_range
  • adminhtml/widget_grid_column_filter_country

More can be found in app/code/core/Mage/Adminhtml/Block/Widget/Grid/Column.php within the _getFilterByType method.

You can also create clickable row values, and hide columns. Example;



The license is currently Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial. TL;DR is that you can modify and distribute but not for commercial use.

Changed it on July 24 from OSL to this license because there was a company that started distributing it in a way that didn't seem kosher. If you're legitimately interested in commercially redistributing it, I'd probably be fine with that - just get in touch.