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Yii2 Inspections for PhpStorm/IdeaUltimate

Supports Yii 2+ and Craft CMS 3+, see list of inspections below.


Regular installation process includes 3 steps:

  • Navigate to File -> Settings -> Plugins and click Browse Repositories. New window will popup listing available plugins.
  • Type Yii2 Inspections into the top search field and install the plugin. Same for Twig support plugin (required dependency).
  • Click OK buttons on both open windows, restart as IDE suggests. That's it.


  • Missing @property annotations, checks property feature annotations (has QF, has Settings)
  • Translation message correctness, checks if messages have translations and follows best practices (has Settings)
  • Missing translations, checks translation files for missing translations (has QF)
  • Unused translations, checks translation files for unused translations (has QF)