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Yii2 Inspections for PhpStorm/IdeaUltimate

Supports Yii 2+ and Craft CMS 3+, see list of inspections below.

The plugin has been funded by the Pixel and Tonic, the company behind Craft CMS. Our special thank you to Brandon Kelly and Alexander Makarov, who gave us valuable feedback on early development stages =)


Regular installation process includes 3 steps:

  • Navigate to File -> Settings -> Plugins and click Browse Repositories. New window will popup listing available plugins.
  • Type Yii2 Inspections into the top search field and install the plugin. Same for Twig support plugin (required dependency).
  • Click OK buttons on both open windows, restart as IDE suggests. That's it.


  • Missing @property annotations, checks property feature annotations (has QF, has Settings)
  • Translation message correctness, checks if messages have translations and follows best practices (has Settings)
  • Missing translations, checks translation files for missing translations (has QF)
  • Unused translations, checks translation files for unused translations (has QF)