R7 is a collection utilities and services for device io, mechatronics, and robotics experiments.
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R7 is a collection of utilities and services for device io, mechatronics, and robotics experiments. This repository primarily holds git submodules to make final builds and packaging easier.

Screenshot 2018-02

Projects - Complete

Nothing is complete as of 2018-02. Added to github only to start tracking in remote source control repo.

Projects - In Progress

  • r7-ioserver - A c/c++ server with minimal dependencies. Buildable on Windows, Linux, OSX and Raspberry Pi. Provides HTTP, websocket, and raw TCP/IP APIs to broker serial communications and low-level device access to remote clients. Runs master controllers, servo controllers, and other routines where performance and proximity to the hardware is important. Uses civetweb for web protocol handling and asio for serial port communications.

  • r7-ioserver-ui - A modern web based user interface for interacting with the r7-ioserver. Provides remote setup and configuration, servo calibration, and generic movement controls. Uses vuejs, webpack, bootstrap 4, and axios for development.

Projects/Experiments - Future, Maybe

  • r7-blender-controller - Python services and code allowing Blender 3D to be used to send joint position, motion, and other data to r7-ioserver (or derivatives). Proof-of-concept has been built.

  • r7-blender-viz - Python services and code allowing Blender 3D to receive data from r7-ioserver (or derivatives) in order to make the blender env react in real-time. Proof-of-concept has been built.

  • r7-ioserver w/ feedback - Extension of r7-ioserver to support processing and streaming of sensor data, such as counts from quadrature encoders and position/force/current sensing from dynamixel servos.

  • stance-controller - A UI and server, based on r7, for real-time control of the stance robot. (Stance is a simple bi-pedal robot using hobby grade RC servos.)