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Installation Guide for VS2010
* Install Rapid Environment Editor (optional) (
* Install CMake (
* Install Python 2.7.3 (
* Install Git for Windows (
* Download Naoqi SDK (
* Download Naoqi Docs (
* Download Choregraphe (
* Download qibuild (
# Note you will need a CD-key for your choregraphe installation. :(
# The docs are not necessary, but might as well grab a local copy now.
* Setup vimrc for git bash, into $HOME/_vimrc (
* Comment out colorscheme=elflord line in _vimrc, it does not seem to exist.
Now setup the necessary %PATH% values for our local script environment. Using the default installed directories:
export NAO_ROOT=c:\nao
export PATH=$(PATH);C:\Python27
export PATH=$(PATH);C:\Program Files (x86)\CMake 2.8\bin
export PATH=$(PATH);C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\cmd
export PATH=$(PATH);C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin
export NAOQI_SDK_DIR=$NAO_ROOT\naoqi-sdk-1.12.5-win32-vs2010
export QIBUILD_DIR=$NAO_ROOT\aldebaran-qibuild-34d2153
export PATH=$(PATH);$(QIBUILD_DIR)\python\bin
Now configure the qibuild settings for the local user. Configuration file will be output to: C:\Users\$USER\.config\qi\qibuild.xml
* $QIBUILD_DIR/python/bin/qibuild config --wizard
Preparing the workspace:
* export QIBUILD_WORKTREE=$NAO_ROOT\worktree
* qibuild init
This creates a .qi dir in the $QIBUILD_WORKTREE directory. This is now the root of a qi build worktree.
* export QIBUILD_TOOLCHAIN=vs2010
* qitoolchain create $(QIBUILD_TOOLCHAIN) --default
Configuration is output into: C:\Users\$USER\.cache\qi\toolchains\$QIBUILD_TOOLCHAIN
Extract helloworld sample code into worktree:
* unzip $NAOQI_SDK_DIR\doc\_downloads\ -d $QIBUILD_WORKTREE
Create a new project:
* qibuild create testproject
* qibuild configure testproject
* qibuild make testproject
Should be successfully built!
* Open testproject/build-vs2010/testproject.sln.
* Right-click test_testproject in Solution Explorer and Set as StartUp Project.
* F5 and run project.
Now we can create a project to run on Nao. First we modify the CMakeLists.txt to add some naoqi libs:
* echo qi_use_lib(testproject ALCOMMON) >> $QIBUILD_WORKTREE/testproject/CMakeLists.txt
# It seems that more libs than just ALCOMMON are accessible after using this (not sure why!).
We have configured the build with the default config, now use the naoqi-sdk and test it.
* qitoolchain create naoqi-sdk $NAOQI_SDK_DIR/toolchain.xml
* qibuild configure -c naoqi-sdk testproject
* qibuild make -c naoqi-sdk testproject
Now we are successfully running a project built with naoqi sdk. We can now run some code like:
#include <alproxies/altexttospeechproxy.h>
AL::ALTextToSpeechProxy tts("tts", "", 9559);