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Scrypt Proof-of-work cryptocurrency
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Support for this blockchain and related clients will be discontinued soon and all nodes will be shut down when the swap procedure to the new blockchain and clients KLKS_V2 is completed.


Kalkulus is an Open-source community driven cryptocurrency, easy to mine and fairly distributed through a POW mining phase and a crowdfunding campaign. The coin use scrypt as a proof-of-work algorithm and will be issued in 20 million coins total supply totally mined, with only 18% available for public presale crowdfunding. 120 seconds blocks and KGW3 retargeting difficulty system ensure high-speed transactions in a secure and stable P2P digital network.

Proof-of Work phase - Coin emission rate:

From block 0 to block 1: Reward = 3.600.000 // Fundraising stake of 18%* From block 2 to block 350: Reward = 0 // To prevent Instamine From block 351 to block 15000: Reward = 75 KLK From block 15001 to block 75000: Reward = 50 KLK From block 75001 to block 150000: Reward = 30 KLK From block 150001 to block 300000: Reward = 20 KLK From block 300001 to max coin supply = Reward 10 KLK

Coin Specifications: Coin Ticker: KLK POW Scrypt Cryptocurrency 20 million total coins supply (18% to a crowdfunding campaign and 82% distributed through PoW) 120 second block time target with KGW3 retargeting system Coin maturity: 50 confirmations

Example of kalkulus.conf file rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password listen=1 server=1 addnode=

Links: Website: Twitter: Slack: CoinmarketCap: