Kalkulus - Proof of stake Decentralized Digital Asset with masternodes implementation
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Kalkulus Client Official Repository

Kalkulus is a decentralized digital asset based on Proof-of-Stake.

Main Features:

  • Masternode technology used to secure the network
  • See-Saw Reward Mechanism: dynamic block reward allocation between masternodes and staking.
  • Governance Budgeting System: 10% of each block reward goes to a fund for allows node operators to vote on important proposal about developments within the blockchain. (Only when active)
  • SwifTX for fast transactions with guaranteed zero confirmation.
  • Obfuscation protocol for anonymized transactions using coin mixing technology.

More information at http://www.kalkulus.trade

Coin Specs

Ticker Symbol KLKS
Algorithm Quark
Type Proof-of-Stake
Block Time 120 seconds [POW] / 60 seconds [POS]
Masternode Collateral 20000 KLKS
Max Coin Supply 20 Million Coins
Premine 9 Million coins to perform swap
Block Reward 15 KLKS each block until total coin supply is reached
Reward Method See-Saw Reward Mechanism
Governance Budgeting System 10% of any block will go to the Governance Budgeting System (when active)
RPC & P2P Ports  51122 / 51121

PoW/PoS Block Reward Scheme

Proof Of Work Phase 1-4999 Blocks.
Proof of Stake Phase 5000-infinite

Staking Methods

Masternodes Yes - 20k KLKS Required
Wallet Staking Yes - 1 to infinite klks


Twitter https://twitter.com/kalkulus_team
Discord Chat Discord chat
Website http://www.kalkulus.trade