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exception 'CassandraMaxRetriesException' with message 'Failed calling "batch_mutate" the maximum of 5 times' #26

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Sometimes, I am getting the following error when inserting data to cassandra using cpcl.
Did i miss any configuration? Thanks for help.

exception 'CassandraMaxRetriesException' with message 'Failed calling "batch_mutate" the maximum of 5 times' in /test/prjcv/htdocs/test/extensions/cpcl684f89b/Cassandra.php:1004
Stack trace:
#0 /test/prjcv/htdocs/test/extensions/cpcl684f89b/Cassandra.php(2561): Cassandra->call('batch_mutate', Array, 1)
#1 /test/prjcv/htdocs/test/extensions/cpcl684f89b/CassandraModel.php(420): CassandraColumnFamily->set('11047793', Array, NULL)
#2 /test/prjcv/htdocs/test/controllers/ErrorController.php(85): CassandraModel->save('11047793')


mee too.
on hiphop
but somtime occur


This issue could come up if you try to push invalid data. I faced this issue while trying to insert data into to a DateType column, where the Date value was not valid. This was the case, when I was trying to move data from a legacy database having a table with few rows with junk characters (after effect of a corruption).

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