Provides a simple interface for responding to requests in JSON
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Lightspeed-PHP JsonResponse addon

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LIGHTSPEED-PHP IS A MINIMALISTIC AND FAST PHP FRAMEWORK aiming to provide basic structure that helps you build your applications faster and more efficiently on solid architecture. It's designed to be small, fast, easy to understand and extend.

Lightspeed-PHP Github project | Homepage

How to install

Simply download the archive and unpack it to the root directory of your project. Creates a "json" directory under "library".

Make sure your application/Autoload.php contains a rule to autoload the JsonResponse class when needed.

else if ($className == 'JsonResponse') {
	require_once LIBRARY_PATH.'/json/JsonResponse.php';

How to use it

An example of how to use the json addon in your project is covered on this tutorial page.

Up-to-date version of this tutorial is available on the addons page.