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I've joined the #100DaysOfCode Challenge



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If you want to help by providing a translation of content/rules in the language you know, submit a pull request (or DM me on Twitter @ka11away), adding a sub-folder in the 'intl' folder with the files of the translation there.

If you've decided to join:

  1. Check out the Official Site for the #100DaysOfCode movement. Connect with others on the platform of your choice from this list: Also, here is a invite link to the 100DaysOfCode Slack channel
  2. Read Join the #100DaysOfCode
  3. Fork this repo and commit to the Log or to the Alternative, rapid R1 Log (R1 stands for Round 1) daily. Example.
  4. Code minimum an hour every day for the next 100 days.
  5. Encourage at least two other people in the challenge on Twitter every day! Pay it forward!
  6. Change the date in Rules to the day you've started the challenge.
  7. Delete the examples in the log, or comment them out, and start filling it with your own content.
  8. Tweet your progress every day using the #100DaysOfCode hashtag.
  9. Follow Alex, creator of #100DaysOfCode & 100DaysOfCode Twitter Bot that retweets the tweets that contain the #100DaysOfCode hashtag. It's a great way to keep yourself motivated and to participate in the community. Thanks @amanhimself for creating it!
  10. Important: (see No.4 above for a specific rule on this) Encourage others who are doing the same challenge on Twitter or elsewhere - by giving them props when they are posting updates on their progress, supporting them when things get difficult. Thus we will grow a community that is helpful and effective, which will lead to a higher success rate for each person involved. It's also more likely that you will stick to your own commitment, given that you will get acquainted with a couple people (or more) right away.
  11. If you find a great, helpful resource that others would benefit from, either submit a Pull Request to add it to the repo, or just tweet at me (see info below)

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Want to change other habits?

Check out the #100DaysOfX Challenges Project. Changing your habits you are changing your life. Remember that the best time to start is always NOW.

I recommend that you commit to no more than 2-3 challenges at a time, ideally 2. If you are doing the #100DaysOfCode which involves a lot of mental activity, try the #100DaysOfHealth, or #100DaysOfFitness challenges. There is so much more on the site, check all of them out and choose the ones you want to acquire! Languages, writing, meditation, journaling, cooking, and more!


  • If you have any questions or ideas about 100DaysOfCode (or other ideas), feel free to reach out to me on Twitter: @ka11away
  • If you like this repo and find it useful, please consider ★ starring it (on top right of the page) and forking it :)