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Adds a status menu to the OS X menu bar showing the current ping time to

Why did you make this

Was sitting on a train tethering, the connection was going in and out, I wanted to see at a glance the status of the connection. I now use this whenever I’m on a flaky connection.

What does it do

It sends a ping to every 5 seconds:

  • If the ping failed, changes the menu text color to red
  • If the ping is taking more than 100ms longer than the last one, menu text color turns yellow
  • When the ping succeeds, change menu color to black and show the ping time.

Also shows some stats if you select the menu.

What does it not do, but I plan to add at some point (especially if you bug me about it)

  • Maybe attempt DNS lookups to test the DNS server


Show the current latency of your connection in your Mac OS X menu bar




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