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Use the Echonest API to fetch information about tracks on Discogs releases. For dj's / record collectors who want musical/audio analysis metadata about their records and/or cds

Fetch the information for a given record or your entire collection, use it to print out a one sheet with the relevant information.

Disconest uses the The Echonest and Discogs apis to find this information about records and cds registered on Discogs.

Disconest comes in two flavors:

  1. Web version - Demo at
  • Fetches and displays information about a single release at a time.
  1. Command Line version
  • ATTN: Due to changes in the export functionality at Discogs and in the Echonest API the command line version is currently broken
  • Fetches information from and saves information to an xml file
  • Can be used to fetch the data for your entire Discogs collection
  • You can run this like so:
>cd CLI
>pip install requirements.txt
>python -x "/full/path/to/discogs-collection.xml" -e "echonest api key"
  • be aware that this might take a while as Echonest must be queried for every song on every release.