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@Sispheor Sispheor released this Jan 8, 2020

  • Enhancement: Enforce python3 and remove support for python2
  • Fix: fix installation script. Now work on Raspbian Buster with Python 3.7
  • Fix: add compiled snowboy binary for Rpi with Python 3.7
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@Sispheor Sispheor released this Nov 12, 2019 · 12 commits to master since this release

  • Fix #563 fix double exception when trying to get the message from MissingParameterException
  • Fix #564 kalliope_last_order now set when using API call
  • Fix #562 fix raspbian buster install
  • Feature: add kalliope official Docker image
  • Feature: api - add a synapse in the brain
  • Feature: api - get installed neuron list
  • Feature: api - delete synapse from the brain
  • Feature: api - install resource from api call
  • Enhancement: use gevent as Flask production web server
  • Enhancement: Add support for Python 3.7
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@LaMonF LaMonF released this Jun 16, 2019 · 36 commits to master since this release

  • Fix #548: SynapseLauncher checks if the synapse is enabled before launching it.
  • Fix #550: in version 5.1 of PyYaml yaml loader has been deprecated, it has been replaced by full_loader.
  • Fix #556: Google tracker ID was misconfigured after setting the variable to true in the settings.yml.
  • Fix #553: Adapt code to the last ansible API.
  • Fix : Remove useless Logging messages when starting Kalliope.
  • Enhancement : Update the kalliope snowbow FR model with the last version trained with 117 samples.
  • Doc: Add Upgrade Kalliope version documentation.
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@Sispheor Sispheor released this Jan 15, 2019 · 49 commits to master since this release

  • Fix: Update request lib to fix security vulnerabilities.
  • Fix: Kalliope last stt message available on Cortex.
  • Enhancement: Add support for raspberry 3B v1.2 with armv6.
  • Enhancement: Introduce new Watson API features.
  • Feature: Add support for file template in say neuron.
  • Feature: Add a new matching type with 'excluded words' from the user order.
  • Feature: Add 'version' neuron to the core.
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@Sispheor Sispheor released this Sep 15, 2018 · 74 commits to master since this release

  • Fix: API receive audio and use now ffmpeg as format converter
  • Fix: community signal installation
  • Fix: Cortex (kalliope memory) usable with signals
  • Fix: making sure the called synapse is execute only once
  • Fix: STT correction only affect one synapse
  • Fix: STT correction, fixed order is now used in the neuron to get parameters
  • Enhancement: Update Google TTS, use a lib instead of manual call. Allow long sentences.
  • Enhancement: Move documentation to mkdocs
  • Enhancement: Add hook on_start_listening and on_stop_listening
  • Feature: add MaryTTS engine
  • Enhancement: Update Ansible to the last revision
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@LaMonF LaMonF released this May 7, 2018 · 94 commits to master since this release

v0.5.1 / 2018-05-07

  • Fix: I/O error on Python 3
  • Fix: Snowboy build for Python 3
  • Fix: fix kill_switch core neuron
  • Fix: error with Jinja lib when installing
  • Fix: 'device unavailable' exception should now be handled properly
  • Fix: API call when kalliope is processing
  • Enhancement: rename 'mute' to 'deaf' in setting and neuron
  • Enhancement: create en 'option' setting. Deaf and mute are now placed in this setting
  • Enhancement: add mute / unmute hook
  • Enhancement: add 'on_stt_error' hook
  • Enhancement: add on_processed_synapses hook
  • Enhancement: Snowboy lib updated to v1.3.0
  • Enhancement: remove shell gui feature
  • Enhancement: add Ubuntu 18.04 support
  • Feature: Neuron 'settings'
  • Feature: Neuron 'brain'
  • Feature: Neuron 'signals'
  • Feature: stt correction
  • Feature: STT timeout
  • Feature: Mute (old no_voice flag). Make Kalliope processing neurons without speaking out loud
  • Feature: order signal can now skip the trigger to chain orders without waking Kalliope. See 'Signal' neuron
  • switch to GNU GPL v3.0 license
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  • v0.5.0
  • b3f21be
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  • v0.5.0
  • b3f21be
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@Sispheor Sispheor released this Jan 13, 2018 · 152 commits to master since this release

  • Fix: recognition option in settings
  • Fix: no_voice flag in neurotransmitter neuron no longer lost
  • Fix: retrieve parameters when user order contains non matching words
  • Fix: Update Voicerss TTS
  • Fix: Usage of double brackets with json sentence
  • Fix: Remove acapela TTS
  • Feature: Kalliope can be started muted
  • Feature: add geolocation signals
  • Feature: add Watson TTS
  • Feature: Hook. WARNING: This is a breaking change. Settings must be updated
  • Feature: add normal, strict and ordered-strict order
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@LaMonF LaMonF released this Oct 3, 2017 · 190 commits to master since this release

  • add core neuron: neurotimer
  • add core neuron: mqtt
  • add core neuron: mute
  • add core signal: mqtt
  • new feature: community signal now supported
  • dict can be used in global variables
  • bug fix: python 3 execution with snowboy lib
  • new feature: kalliope memory
  • add espeak tts to core
  • add stt options. manual or dynamic threshold
  • Fix: neurotransmitter bracket in answer
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@Sispheor Sispheor released this Jul 23, 2017 · 266 commits to master since this release

  • add keyword_entries attribute to CMU Sphinx
  • add simplerate attribute to Pico2wav TTS
  • API: convert mp3 file to wav automatically
  • add sensitivity attribute to snowboy trigger
  • add grammar attribute to CMU Sphinx
  • add no_voice flag to api
  • add possibility to send parameters when using api with run synapse by name
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@Sispheor Sispheor released this May 21, 2017 · 290 commits to master since this release

  • Fix: Uppercase in order/parameters/global variables are now handled correctly
  • Fix: usage of integer in neuron parameters
  • Fix: encoding with special character
  • Refactor main controller. Use a LIFO to allow full usage of kalliope via API (even with neurotransmitter)
  • Add a systemd script to start kalliope automatically
  • docker testing
  • python 3 support 3.4, 3.5, 3.6
  • Increase testing code coverage
  • Fix: Raspberry performance. CPU usage from 120% to 15%
  • Input value refactoring. "args" parameter replaced by jinja templating
  • Review TTS overriding config in neuron declaration
  • Fix: accapela TTS
  • LED and mute button support for Raspberry Pi
  • Player modularity
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