SheepShear, an advanced PowerPC emulator designed to run MacOS classic
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SheepShear -- A fork of SheepShaver

While SheepShaver provides decent PowerPC emulation on Linux, BeOS, and Windows, it development has been extremely slow in the last 5 plus years.

To ensure a quality MacOS Classic emulator continues on to exist in a functioning state for Linux and Haiku, SheepShear was created as a fork of the SheepShaver codebase

Targeted Platforms:

  • Haiku
  • Linux
  • MacOS X
    • MacOS X moved to clang in recent versions. The old qemu dyngen engine we use doesn't play nicely with clang :(
  • Windows ?

TODO Items:

  • Refactor code base, clean up extern functions to classes
  • Better GUI
  • Better Icons
  • Easier to use

Done Items:

  • Basilisk II code integrated
  • Fork renamed to SheepShear

Frequently asked questions:

SheepShear is based on SheepShaver... What is SheepShaver?

Why SheepShear?

  • SheepShear is an synonym of SheepShaver just as SheepShaver was an pun of ShapeShifter

Where can I converse in a public place on this fine product?

  • IRC #sheepshear

How do I compile SheepShear?

  • See COMPILE for instructions

I'm getting "Cannot map Low memory Globals: Operation not permitted"

  • This is due to newer linux kernels preventing non-root applications from mapping lower memory segments (security?) to solve, set the kernel paramater (via sysctl or sysctl.conf)


Build Requirements

  • Ubuntu / Debian
    • apt install libxxf86vm-dev libxxf86dga-dev scons build-essential


SheepShear is licensed as GPLv2 just as SheepShaver.