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WordPress Completions

Is a collection of the completions and some snippets for Sublime Text

Completions List

Type Completions
Functions 2613
Actions 634
Filters 1426
Classes 371
Methods 3410
Constants 514
Capabilities 64

How to use

  • Use wp- for view some completions
  • Use add_action- for view actions completions
  • Use add_filter- for view filters completions
  • Use functions, constants or classes names, for e.g. plugin_dir... for view completions
  • Use name_of_class-method_name for view method completions. e.g WP_Error-add by default all Classes wrap with sublime format completions
  • Use ctrl+space or alt+/ in linux for call completions if tag <?php not is defined. e.g. for create plugin header in empty file.
  • On some cause the first "tab" deletes all parameters instead of having to tab through each one:
    • First Tab --> Select all parameters
    • Each Tab There after --> Selects each individual parameter or block

Another Informations

  • More info inside of wiki page.

  • Deprecated Functions, Constants, Classes, Methods, Actions, Filters have been removed

  • WordPress back compatibility files is not included, as support for PHP versions

  • Actions or Filter add two version of the completion only this not is dynamic name

    Example of completion file for Hooks

    With dynamic name:

     		"trigger": "add_action-load-{$page_hook}\tWP Action",
     		"contents": "add_action( \"load-${1:\\{${2:\\$page_hook}\\}}\", ${3:\\$function_to_add}, ${4:10} );"

    Without dynamic name:

     		"trigger": "add_action-init\tWP Action",
     		"contents": "add_action( 'init', ${1:\\$function_to_add}, ${2:10} );"
     		"trigger": "init\tWP Action Name",
     		"contents": "init"
    • This first trigger use add_action- for get all actions and continue by name of the action, returns everything you need to create.
    • The second trigger simply use the name and return this name.
  • Some snippet the last index if used to delete this comments

  • If use Sublime Text before 3092 is possible what some snippet not working.

  • If your problem with alt+/ to show completions popup, set key bindings with ctrl+space by example.


Find WordPress Completions inside of Package Control


You found some issue, please create an issue to solve it.


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