A simple bowling game written using TDD.
Java Scala
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Borrowed from https://github.com/dmayo3/Bowling-Game-Kata Using this as an example of porting from Java to Scala, choosen because it has good test coverage and we can see if things go wrong during the port.


Bowling Game Kata in Java

This is my attempt at writing a simple bowling game using TDD. Bowling is a very often used example in TDD discussions and code katas, for example:

It has very minimal dependencies to keep it lightweight and simple (no Spring!)


  • A command line interface for entering player names and scores
  • Input validation
  • Game logic to determine the correct number of balls and frames to play
  • Scoring logic that tallies scores for each player and applies bonus points
  • At the end it displays the winner, each players score and the team's total score
  • Ability to retrieve a player's scores for a particular frame
  • Acceptance tests that drive the system end-to-end through the command line interface

How to Run

You can build and run tests using Maven:

$ mvn clean package

The Maven build will produce an executable Jar: target/bowling-game-kata-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar

Alternatively, import into your IDE of choice. The main class is bowling.BowlingGame.