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maintainer "Calogero Lo Leggio"
maintainer_email ""
license "Apache 2.0"
description "Installs and configures nginx"
version "0.8"
%w{ ubuntu debian }.each do |os|
supports os
suggests "php-fcgi"
suggests "ruby-enterprise"
recipe "nginx::passenger", "Phusion Passenger (mod_rails) for nginx"
attribute "nginx/binary",
:display_name => "Nginx Binary",
:description => "Location of the nginx server binary",
:default => "/usr/sbin/nginx"
attribute "nginx/user",
:display_name => "Nginx User",
:description => "User nginx will run as",
:default => "www-data"
attribute "nginx/group",
:display_name => "Nginx Group",
:description => "Group nginx will run as",
:default => "www-data"
attribute "nginx/dir",
:display_name => "Nginx Directory",
:description => "Location of nginx configuration files",
:default => "/etc/nginx"
attribute "nginx/dir_extra_conf",
:display_name => "Nginx extra conf Directory",
:description => "Sublocation of nginx extra configuration files",
:default => "conf.d"
attribute "nginx/log_dir",
:display_name => "Nginx Log Directory",
:description => "Location for nginx logs",
:default => "/var/log/nginx"
attribute "nginx/www_path",
:display_name => "sites location",
:description => "Location for nginx sites",
:default => "/srv/www"
attribute "nginx/webapps_path",
:display_name => "webapps location",
:description => "Location for web applications",
:default => "_apps"
#attribute "nginx/worker_processes",
# :display_name => "Nginx Worker Processes",
# :description => "Number of worker processes",
# :default => "1"
attribute "nginx/worker_connections",
:display_name => "Nginx Worker Connectios",
:description => "Number of worker connections",
:default => "1024"
attribute "nginx/worker_priority",
:display_name => "Nginx Worker Priority",
:description => "Priority of worker",
:default => "-5"
attribute "nginx/worker_connections",
:display_name => "Nginx Worker Connections",
:description => "Number of connections per worker",
:default => "1024"
attribute "nginx/sendfile",
:display_name => "Nginx sendfile",
:description => "Increase overall system performance if you allow downloads of large to medium sized files",
:default => "on"
attribute "nginx/keepalive",
:display_name => "Nginx Keepalive",
:description => "Whether to enable keepalive",
:default => "on"
attribute "nginx/keepalive_timeout",
:display_name => "Nginx Keepalive Timeout",
:default => "75"
attribute "nginx/server_names_hash_bucket_size",
:display_name => "Nginx Server Names Hash Bucket Size",
:default => "64"
attribute "nginx/charset",
:display_name => "Nginx charset",
:description => "Adds the line 'Content-Type' into response-header with indicated encoding",
:default => "utf-8"
attribute "nginx/log_not_found",
:display_name => "Nginx write log_not_found",
:description => "Enables or disables logging of requests that resolve into 404 status code",
:default => "on"
attribute "nginx/server_tokens",
:display_name => "Nginx send version number of itself",
:description => "Whether to send the Nginx version number in error pages and Server header",
:default => "off"
attribute "nginx/gzip",
:display_name => "Nginx Gzip",
:description => "Whether gzip is enabled",
:default => "on"
attribute "nginx/gzip_http_version",
:display_name => "Nginx Gzip HTTP Version",
:description => "Version of HTTP Gzip",
:default => "1.0"
attribute "nginx/gzip_comp_level",
:display_name => "Nginx Gzip Compression Level",
:description => "Amount of compression to use",
:default => "7"
attribute "nginx/gzip_proxied",
:display_name => "Nginx Gzip Proxied",
:description => "Whether gzip is proxied",
:default => "any"
attribute "nginx/gzip_min_length",
:display_name => "Nginx Gzip compress min length",
:description => "Sets the minimum length of of the response that will be compressed",
:default => "64"
attribute "nginx/gzip_types",
:display_name => "Nginx Gzip Types",
:description => "Supported MIME-types for gzip",
:type => "array",
:default => [ "text/plain", "text/html", "text/css", "application/x-javascript", "text/xml", "application/xml", "application/xml+rss", "text/javascript" ]
attribute "nginx/fcgi",
:display_name => "fcgi support",
:description => "nginx with fcgi support (I suggest php-fpm)"
attribute "nginx/passenger",
:display_name => "nginx-passenger",
:description => "nginx with passenger support"