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C implementation of spark
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A C implementation of spark. Very much work in progress.


./spark NUMBERS

NUMBERS is a list of decimal numbers (or hexadecimal if compiled with C99) with arbitrary seperators. Anything can be used to seperate items in the list as long as it is not a digit, "+", "-", "e", "E" or your locales decimal point ("." in English ones).

The two following examples give the same result:

./spark 2 3 1 12
./spark 2.00fgt+3,1 1.2e1


make  # will run something like cc -o spark -lm spark.c

where cc is your C compiler command. Or use whatever C compiler option you want. Tested under:

  • gcc 4.4.3 and clang 1.1 (Ubuntu 10.04)
  • gcc 4.6.2 and clang 2.9 (Fedora 16)


  • Proper error handling
  • Tests
  • Help text
  • Investigate locale dependency of strtod
  • Investigate C99 effects to strtod (hexadecimal numbers + NaN + Infinity)
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