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Desktop password generator built on electron
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A simple cross-platform cryptographically secure random number generator that uses entropy collected by your mouse movements to generate easy to remember passwords based on the Diceware list.

Hawkpass Desktop is the desktop version of the web app Hawkpass, and it is built on Electron.


The latest version of Hawkpass can be downloaded from the releases page.

Testing locally

First install the necessary dependencies by running:

$ bower install

If you don't have bower installed run the following:

$ sudo npm install -g bower

Then to run the app locally you'll also need to install electron-prebuilt using npm.

Install electron-prebuilt globally:

$ sudo npm install electron-prebuilt -g

or locally:

$ npm install electron-prebuilt

Once electron-prebuilt is installed you will only need to run the following in the app's source directory:

// If you installed it globally
$ electron .
// If you installed it locally
$ ./node_modules/.bin/electron .
// or run
$ npm start

Packaging Hawkpass

Packaging Hawkpass for your platform can be done using electron-packager.

Type the following to install electron-packager

$ npm install --save-dev electron-packager

Generally the command to package an application is:

$ electron-packager <location> <name> <platform> <architecture> <version> <options>
<> Description
location location of your project
name name of your project
platform for which platform you want to build. Use --all to build for Windows, Mac and Linux
architecture for which architecture you want to build. --x86, --x64, --all for both
version which electron version to use --version
options output location --out, icon --icon

An example would be:

$ electron-packager ~/Projects/hawkpass-desktop Hawkpass --all --version=0.36.8 --out=~/Projects --icon=~/Project/icon.icns

To simplify the process we can create the following script inside package.json

"scripts": {
  "start": "electron .",
  "package": "electron-packager ./ Hawkpass --all --out ~/Projects/Hawkpass --version 0.36.8 --overwrite"

and then run the command below to start packaging:

$ npm run-script package


Contributions are welcome! To get started please read the contribution guidelines.

Report any issues or feature requests you have here.



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