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Item Catalog

Web application that provides a list of items within a variety of categories and integrate third party user registration and authentication (OAuth). Authenticated users have the ability to post, edit, and delete their own items.

The current implementation of the item catalog is a restaurant catalog that provides a list of restaurants and their menus.

View the app online

You can view the app online here.

Run the app in your browser

To run the app in your browser you need install python and virtualenv first or use Vagrant.

Clone the project folder and cd to the item_catalog app.

git clone

Then type:

virtualenv venv

and activate virtualenv by typing (You must source the virtualenv enviroment for each terminal session where you wish to run your app):

source venv/bin/activate

Next install the application's dependencies with pip.

pip install Flask sqlalchemy oauth2client requests

Set up the database

To create the database type:


This will create the database restaurantsdb.

Populate the database

To populate the database with a list of restaurants type:


Run the server

To run the server type the following:


and visit or localhost:5000 in your browser.

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