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Kaltura's Media Analytics

Make decisions based on complete data - the Kaltura VPaaS usage and engagement analytics reports provide you with the insight you need to manage your content, reach your audience, and optimize your video workflow. View a quick snapshot of high-level figures, or drill down to user-specific or video-specific information. Use the analytics reports to gain business insights, and understand user trends. Already using an analytics or audience measurement tool? Leverage the Kaltura pre-integrated plugins for all major analytics providers and consolidate your data securely and reliably.

Quick Start

Kaltura analytics data is exposed via the report service.
A number of actions within this service will enable you to pull data against a specific set of filters.

Follow the Interactive Code Workflow below to get started:.

{% onebox %}

To learm more about the type data reported by Media Analytics, we recommend you read the following article:

Knowledge Article: Creating and Tracking Analytics in the KMC

Integrated Analytics Partners

To learn how to setup player plugins read: Configuring Analytics Plugins.