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Kaltura Media Page Tab for Facebook Pages

Kaltura Media Page allows you to create a gallery of videos for your Facebook Page. When users visit your Facebook page they can click on the MediaPage tab and view a category or playlist of videos that you preselect using the administrator console.

How to get started

Simply click here and add the Page Tab to your desired Facebook Page. Once added, the application will redirect you to the Added Apps for your Facebook Page. Find MediaPage and click Go to App to access the administrator console where you may log in using your Kaltura credentials. Just select a player from your Kaltura account and then either a category or a playlist. Then select 3 featured videos from your category/playlist that you would like prominently featured below the main player. Once you are done making your selections, submit the settings and you will be taken to your gallery.

Accessing the Admin Console

Facebook has made accessing the admin screen (Page Tab Edit URL) for Page Tabs particularly cryptic. As of writing this README, here's what you need to do to find it:

  • Go to your Facebook Page
  • From the Admin Panel, click Edit Page and you should get a dropdown menu
  • Click on Update Info
  • Click Apps in the sidebar that appears
  • Find the MediaPage application and click Go to App

Creating your own application

If you want to create your own version of this application you can start here. Create a new app and go to its Basic Settings. Select Page Tab when asked how your app integrates with Facebook. Once you have hosted the Kaltura Media Page application files on your server you can point the Page Tab URL to index.php and the Page Tab Edit URL to admin.php. As you can see there is also a Secure Page Tab URL required which must point to the https version of index.php. With the current CSS settings the Page Tab will look best if you set Page Tab Width to Wide (810px). Save your changes and copy the application's App ID/API Key into config.php. You should now have a fully functional Facebook Page Tab application of your own!


  • admin.php - The front page for the admin console which is used to set up the Page Tab's gallery
  • appStyle.css - Style for the gallery and admin console
  • config.php - Stores the Facebook Tab's App ID (If you are making your own Facebook App you must update this file)
  • getFeatured.php - Grabs the featured videos that were selected in the admin console
  • getSession.php - Used to generate a Kaltura Session when logging in
  • getThumbnail.php - Loads the thumbnail for a video chosen in the admin console
  • index.php - The front page for the Page Tab that displays the Kaltura gallery
  • partnerSelect.php - Displays the selector for choosing a Partner on the user's Kaltura account
  • refreshSelector.php - Refreshses the selectors in the admin console for choosing videos from your category or playlist
  • reloadEntries.php - Loads the thumbnail gallery for the category or playlist chosen in the admin console
  • savePage.php - Stores the selected options for the user's Facebook Page
  • showSetup.php - Loads the page that allows the Page Tab to be configured