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This script loops through all entries, categories and chosen metadata profile (or filtered list of entries) in a specified Kaltura account. It then saves the entry and metadata fields (Entry per line) into an Excel (xml format) file.
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Kaltura Account Dump API Script

This script loops through all entries, categories and chosen metadata profiles (or a filtered list of entries) of a given Kaltura account (partner). It then stores the entry's metadata fields (one Entry per row) in an Excel (XML format) file.


Before running the script, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Kaltura PHP 5.3+ API Client archive and extract into the /kaltura-client directory
  2. Edit accountdump.php and set the following parameters:
    • PARTNER_ID: the Kaltura partner ID
    • PARTNER_NAME: the account name (this doesn't really affect anything but the logging and filename)
    • ADMIN_SECRET: the partner's ADMIN secret
    • SERVICE_URL: the full base URL to the Kaltura API endpoint ( when using SaaS)
    • KS_EXPIRY_TIME: Session duration; since the execution time will vary based on the number of records, be sure to set the duration accordingly.
    • ENTRY_STATUS_IN: defines the entry statuses to retrieve
    • ENTRY_TYPE_IN: defines the entry types to retrieve
    • ENTRY_FIELDS: list of entry fields to export (excluding custom metadata, that is set in METADATA_PROFILE_ID), entryId, captions and categories will be added to this list
    • PARENT_CATEGORIES: optional; IDs of Kaltura Categories you'd like to limit the export to
    • FILTER_TAGS: tags to filter by (tagsMultiLikeOr)
    • DEBUG_PRINTS: set to true if you'd like the script to output logging to the console (this is different from the KalturaLogger)
    • CYCLE_SIZES: determines how many entries will be processed in each multi-request call
    • METADATA_PROFILE_ID: the profile id of the custom metadata profile to get its fields per entry
    • ONLY_CAPTIONED_ENTRIES: when set to true only entries with caption assets be included in the output
    • GET_CAPTION_URLS: when set to true, caption download URLs will be included
    • ERROR_LOG_FILE: the name of the KalturaLogger export file
    • STOP_DATE_FOR_EXPORT: defines a stop date for the entries iteration loop. Any time string supported by strtotime can be passed. If this is set to null or -1, it will be ignored and the script will run through the entire library until it reaches the first created entry. e.g. '45 days ago' or '01/01/2017', etc.
    • $exportFileName: sets the name of the output excel file (do not include the file extension).

After setting the values for the above parameters, run the script using PHP CLI:

$ php accountdump.php

How you can help (guidelines for contributors)

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License and Copyright Information

All code in this project is released under the AGPLv3 license unless a different license for a particular library is specified in the applicable library path.

Copyright © Kaltura Inc. All rights reserved.
Authors and contributors: See GitHub contributors list.

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