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Kaltura Tags Editor

An efficient way to edit the tags for all the media entries in your account.


  • addNewTags.php - Adds new tags to the cache for efficient applying of tags to entries
  • bigHugeThesaurus.php - Uses the Big Huge Thesaurus API to generate synonyms
  • entriesLayout.css - The styling for the front page
  • getSynonyms.php - Base script for grabbing new tags and returning a two-dimensional array of synonyms
  • getTagList.php - Generates the tag cache for your entries and displays them
  • index.php - The front page for all the entries and calling the scripts
  • kalturaConfig.php - Stores all the constants such as the cache file and your authorization information
  • phpAiksaurus.php - Uses PHP Aiksaurus to generate synonyms (aiksaurus must be installed on your server for this to work)
  • player.php - Used to display the Kaltura player for the entries
  • reloadEntries.php - Displays the current page of entries
  • reloadRemoveTagsSelect.php - Displays an up to date multiple select to delete tags
  • removeTags.php - Deletes any tags requested from the tag cache and removes them from entries
  • updateEntry.php - Updates an entry whenever tags are added or removed



  • For faster loading, upon the first load of the page a file named tagCaching.txt is created to store the array of tags. This cache is updated when the tool is being used but any new tags that are entered elsewhere (eg., KMC or through the API) will not show up until the cache file is deleted.
  • By default, getSynonyms.php retrieves getSynonyms() from bigHugeThesaurus using a require_once() call. You may change which script it grabs the function definition from by changing the "THESAURUS" definiton in kalturaConfig.php. getSynonyms.php contains an explanation of what the input parameters are and what response must be generated to work properly with the front-end javascript.
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