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//Framework for grabbing synonyms from the server
//Your script must have a function named "getSynonyms" defined that handles the input
//$_REQUEST['lookup'] is an array of words that have been entered into the "Add Tags" field
//getSynonyms() must echo a JSON 2-dimensional array
//You can achieve this by calling json_encode($yourArray)
//The format of the array is as follows:
//$yourArray[$wordYouLookedUp][$j] where every index of $yourArray[$wordYouLookedUp]
//is another synonym for $wordYouLookedUp
//If the user have typed in this in the add tags field (minus the quotes): "financing, learning"
//The response two-dimensional array would look as such:
//[["funding","finance"],["acquisition","eruditeness","erudition","learnedness","scholarship","encyclopedism","encyclopaedism","basic cognitive process","education"]]
//You may look over either bigHugeThesaurus.php or phpAiksaurus.php to see how these arrays are generated