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// To get started with Kaltura, you need an acccount.
// Get a free trial at:
// In your Kaltura account, get the partner Id and API Admin Secret from:
define("PARTNER_ID", 000); //Replace 000 with your partner id
define("ADMIN_SECRET",'xxxx'); //Replace xxxx with your admin secret
define("PLAYER_UICONF_ID", 4289612);
define("TAG_CACHE", 'tagCaching.txt');
define("PHP_AIKSAURUS", "phpAiksaurus.php"); //Uses PHP Aiksaurus which must be installed on your server for this to work
define("BIG_HUGE_THESAURUS", "bigHugeThesaurus.php"); //Uses Big Huge Thesaurus
define("BIG_HUGE_THESAURUS_KEY", 'xxxx'); //Replace xxxx with your Big Huge Thesaurus API Key. You may obtain an API key at
define("THESAURUS", BIG_HUGE_THESAURUS); //Change this definition to use any synonym generating script you'd like