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//Includes the client library and starts a Kaltura session to access the API
//More informatation about this process can be found at
$config = new KalturaConfiguration(PARTNER_ID);
$config->serviceUrl = '';
$client = new KalturaClient($config);
$ks = $client->generateSession(ADMIN_SECRET, USER_ID, KalturaSessionType::ADMIN, PARTNER_ID);
//Retrives the correct entry
$entryId = $_REQUEST["entryId"];
$version = null;
$result = $client->media->get($entryId, $version);
//Gets the tags for the entry before the update occurs
$oldTags = explode(',', $result->tags);
//Retrieves the array of tags from a cached file created by getTagList.php
$tagArray = unserialize(file_get_contents(TAG_CACHE));
//Decreases the frequency for tags being removed
foreach($oldTags as $index => $tag) {
if ($tag == "") continue;
$tag = trim($tag);
$oldTags[$index] = $tag;
//If an entry used to have a tag but it has been removed, decrease the frequency
if(is_array($_REQUEST["tags"])) {
if(!in_array($tag, $_REQUEST["tags"])) {
else {
//Stores all the tags for an entry that is being updated
if(is_array($_REQUEST["tags"])) {
foreach($_REQUEST["tags"] as $tag) {
//If a tag has been added that the entry did not previously possess, increase the frequency
if(!in_array($tag, $oldTags)) {
if (isset($tagArray[$tag]))
$tagArray[$tag] = 1;
$joinedTags = implode(', ', $_REQUEST["tags"]);
$mediaEntry = new KalturaMediaEntry();
$mediaEntry->tags = $joinedTags;
$updateResults = $client->media->update($entryId, $mediaEntry);
//If no tags are entered then the entry's tags are cleared
else {
$mediaEntry = new KalturaMediaEntry();
$mediaEntry->tags = "";
$updateResults = $client->media->update($entryId, $mediaEntry);
//Updates the cache with the most recent frequency array of tags
file_put_contents(TAG_CACHE, serialize($tagArray));
//Returns the the update was successful
print "Tags updated";