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Kaltura API Documentation

This repository contains everything necessary to build documentation for the Kaltura VPaaS API using LucyBot.

The generated website is contained in kaltura/developer-platform-generated.

Documentation for LucyBot is available at


Running in Production

There are two target APIs: ovp (the standard Kaltura VPaaS) and ott.


npm install
git clone generated/ovp
TARGET_API=ovp node server.js


npm install
git clone generated/ott
TARGET_API=ott node server.js

Running in Development

npm install
TARGET_API=ovp lucybot build --prerender --truncate_prerender --destination generated/ovp
TARGET_API=ovp node server.js

or replace ovp with ott to build the OTT site.

Environment Options

Several options can be set using environment variables:

  • DEVELOPMENT - for use in active development, disables SSL and cache
  • NO_SSL
  • OTT_API_VERSION - relevant for 'ott' only. (e.g. v5_1_0)

Required in production

  • TARGET_API - either 'ott' or 'ovp'
  • DISCOURSE_API_KEY - valid for


Any changes that are pushed to the master branch of kaltura/developer-platform will automatically trigger a Travis build. Travis will use LucyBot to update the generated/ folder with new HTML, CSS, and JS assets. Once Travis is finished, simply pull the result and restart the server.

Trigger a Build

If Travis fails, or you want to pull in the latest changes to LucyBot, you can manually trigger a build on Travis by pushing an empty commit:

git commit --allow-empty -m "Trigger CI"
git push


If you make changes to the codegen logic, you'll need to run the following to regenerate the test output:

WRITE_GOLDEN=true npm test

To check that there are no changes to codegen output, you can run:

npm test
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