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+// _ __ _ _
+// | |/ /__ _| | |_ _ _ _ _ __ _
+// | ' </ _` | | _| || | '_/ _` |
+// |_|\_\__,_|_|\__|\_,_|_| \__,_|
+// Copyright (C) Kaltura Inc.
+// This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
+// it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as
+// published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the
+// License, or (at your option) any later version.
+// This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
+// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
+// GNU Affero General Public License for more details.
+// You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
+// along with this program. If not, see <>.
+Deployment usage:
+ krecord_styling > deliver > krecord.php
+ Open the file (krecord.php), edit your partner details
+ Place the file in your localhost (or PHP server of choice)
+ Open the file in your browser
+ Or use the Flash / Flex wrapper projects:
+ KRecordContainerFlash
+ KRecordContainerFlex
+KRECORD - Flash Video and Audio Recording and Contributing Application.
+Use application as usage example of KRecordControl Component inside a flash application.
+ 1. Simplified Media Device Detection (Active Camera and Microphone).
+ 2. Simplified Media Selection Interface (Functions for manually choosing devices from available devices array).
+ 3. Server Connection and Error Handling.
+ 4. Video and Audio Recording on Red5, Handling of internal NetStream Events and Errors.
+ 5. Preview Mechanism - Live Preview using RTMP (Before addentry).
+ 6. Simplified addentry function to Kaltura Network Servers.
+ 7. Full JavaScript interaction layer.
+ 8. Dispatching of Events by Single Object to simplify Development of Recording Applications.
+* KRecorder does NOT provide any visual elements beyond a native flash video component attached to the recording NetStream.
+ *. Use Class directly in your Flash application (Or compile and Embed in your JavaScript application - Not available yet).
+ 1. Set initialization parameters using the initRecorderParameters Setter.
+ 2. Call the deviceDetection Method - this will iterate through the user's installed devices
+ and automatically determine the optimal Camera and Microphone devices to use.
+ * After Detection is completed the following Events may dispatch:
+ DeviceDetectionEvent.DETECTED_MICROPHONE - A valid microphone device was successfully detected.
+ DeviceDetectionEvent.DETECTED_CAMERA - A valid Camera device was successfully detected.
+ DeviceDetectionEvent.ERROR_MICROPHONE - There was an error detecting a valid microphone device (Or no microphone device found).
+ DeviceDetectionEvent.ERROR_CAMERA - There was an error detecting a valid camera device (Or no camera device found).
+ 2. Alternatively, call getCameras / getMicrophones and use setActiveCamera or setActiveMicrophone to manually determine the devices to use.
+ * After Setting the devices the following Events may dispatch:
+ DeviceDetectionEvent.ERROR_MICROPHONE - The microphone device selected is fault, an error was dispatched by the flash player.
+ DeviceDetectionEvent.ERROR_CAMERA - The camera device selected is fault, an error was dispatched by the flash player.
+ 3. Call the connectToRecordingServie Method - this will initiate a connection to the recording server.
+ * After Connection Sequence is completed, the following Events may dispatch:
+ ExNetConnectionEvent.NETCONNECTION_CONNECT_SUCCESS - Connection to the Recording Service was established successfully.
+ ExNetConnectionEvent.NETCONNECTION_CONNECT_CLOSED - Connection to the Recording Service was Closed (This will also be dispatched after dispose).
+ ExNetConnectionEvent.NETCONNECTION_CONNECT_FAILED - The Connection attempt failed (Service unavailable).
+ ExNetConnectionEvent.NETCONNECTION_CONNECT_INVALIDAPP - The Recording Application is unavailable (Should only happen if application id is specifically changed).
+ ExNetConnectionEvent.NETCONNECTION_CONNECT_REJECTED - The client does not have permission to connect to the Recording Service.
+ 4. Call the recordNewStream Method - this will initiate a new stream on the Recording Server and start publishing the user mic and cam.
+ * This Method will dispatch the following Events:
+ Any of the Connection Error Events can be dispatched upon a bad user connection.
+ RecordNetStreamEvent.NETSTREAM_RECORD_START - When RecordNewStream Method is called, the application will initialize a new stream,
+ this requires a request and response from the server. When a success response is returned,
+ the application begins the actual recording and dispatches this event.
+ 5. Call the stopRecording Method - this will end the recording and send the server a request to send the remaining of the recording buffer to the server and close the stream.
+ * After StopRecording Method is called, the following Events may dispatch:
+ FlushStreamEvent.FLUSH_START - The server response was received, the remaining of the recording buffer is being sent.
+ FlushStreamEvent.FLUSH_PROGRESS - The remaining of the recording buffer is being sent, this Event notify of its progress.
+ FlushStreamEvent.FLUSH_COMPLETE - The remaining of the recording buffer is fully sent to the server and flushed to stream. Now it is safe to preview or addentry.
+ 6. Call the previewRecording Method - this will playback the video / audio recorded.
+ * The following Events may dispatch:
+ RecordNetStreamEvent.NETSTREAM_PLAY_STOP - Playback has finished.
+ 7. Call the stopPreviewRecording Method - this will stop the preview.
+ * The following Events may dispatch:
+ RecordNetStreamEvent.NETSTREAM_PLAY_STOP - Playback has finished.
+ 8. Call the addEntry Method providing information about the Recording (e.g. title, tags...) to add the new recording as a Kaltura Entry.
+ * The following Events will dispatch:
+ AddEntryEvent.ADD_ENTRY_RESULT - Notify about a successful addentry Method, and provides the new entryId of the recording.
+ This Event contains a KalturaEntry Object that holds the info of the newly created entry.
+ AddEntryEvent.ADD_ENTRY_FAULT - An error has occur while trying to add the new recording as Kaltura Entry.
+All Events/Methods are handled in JavaScript in the lowerCamelCase form of their Event/Method name.
+Public Properties:
+ isConnected - indicates if the KRecorder is connected to the Streaming Server.
+ streamUid - the file name of the recording data being recorded on the server.
+ recordedTime - the duration of the last recording.
+ blackRecordTime - the duration of the black delay between publish request and start_record response.
+ micophoneActivityLevel - activity level of the active microphone device, can be used to simulate detected volume level.
+Public Methods:
+ stopRecording - stop recording the camera.
+ startRecording - start recording and sending stream to server.
+ previewRecording - preveiw the recorded stream.
+ getRecordedTime - returns the length in time of the recording.
+ addEntry - calls the addentry service to create a new entry on the kaltura server.
+ setQuality - change the quality of the recorded stream.
+ openSettings- Force to open the Flash Security Panel for Microphone settings
+ Notifications to Java script call backs:
+ workingMicFound: working mic found by the app.
+ notMicsFound: Not able microphone was found.
+ micDenied: The user denied the access to the mic through the Security Panel
+ Flash Vars:
+ timeLapse: time in milliseconds allowed for checking the next microphone. Default is 20000

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