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Kaltura Wowza Media Server
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Kaltura Media Server

This project is a wrapper for media streaming servers that integrates to streaming servers with the Kaltura Server. The Kaltura Media Server is an application built to run over the Wowza Streaming Engine By default, the Kaltura Streaming application is called kLive.

Kaltura API Integration

API Usage

The Kaltura media server can use API client in one of two configurable ways:

  1. Opposite built-in partner (-5), which impersonates the handled partner for all API calls.
  2. As an eCDN installation- in this case the streaming server (e.g. Wowza) is installed on the client's machine while the partner continues working opposite the SaaS installation (as opposed to on-prem installations). The streaming server thus installed works only opposite the partnerId it belongs to and does not use impersonation.
    The KS is regenerated periodically according to the KS expiry time.

Broadcast URL

Example URL to kLive application: rtmp://domain/kLive/?p=102&e=0_rkij47dr&i=0&t=dj94kfit
The broadcast URL consists of the following arguments:

  • p – partner id.
  • e – entry id.
  • i – index (0 for primary and 1 for backup).
  • t – token.

Stream name example: 0_rkij47dr_1
The stream name consists of entry id, underscore and stream index (between 1 to 3). The stream index could be used for multiple bitrate streams ingestion, if only one bitrate is streamed the index should be 1.

Integration points

  • Connection – liveStream.authenticate action is called to validate the entry id with the supplied token. The action should return a KalturaLiveStreamEntry object, or an exception in case the authentication failed. The returned entry object could be used later to determine if DVR and recording are enabled for this entry.
  • Transcoding - wowza_liveStreamConversionProfile.serve is called for each published entry. This action returns an XML formatted according to the Wowza required structure, indicating the transcoding that the stream should undergo.


Instructions to install a Wowza SaaS server can be found here: deployment doc

Instructions to install a Wowza server on AWS can be found here: aws doc

Commercial Editions and Paid Support

The Open Source Kaltura Platform is provided under the AGPLv3 license and with no commercial support or liability.  

Kaltura Inc. also provides commercial solutions and services including pro-active platform monitoring, applications, SLA, 24/7 support and professional services. If you're looking for a commercially supported video platform  with integrations to commercial encoders, streaming servers, eCDN, DRM and more - Start a Free Trial of the Hosted Platform or learn more about Kaltura' Commercial OnPrem Edition™. For existing RPM based users, Kaltura offers commercial upgrade options.

License and Copyright Information

All code in this project is released under the AGPLv3 license unless a different license for a particular library is specified in the applicable library path.

Copyright © Kaltura Inc. All rights reserved.

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