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Kaltura's Cross Platform Video Player ToolKit
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Library Overview

Kaltura's HTML5 Media Library enables you leverage a unified configuration and development API for both HTML5 and Flash. It enables delivery of rich on page and in player experiences backed by robust metadata and per device asset delivery of the kaltura platform. It supports a wide range of features, an external and internal plugin model, advanced html5 player, and custom skins.


Your first stop for kaltura related integration questions should be the Kaltura HTML5 Configuration

Library documentation for installation, configuration, and usage is maintained on the wiki

Also you can find us on #kaltura in

Can't find what your looking for in the documentation, ran into an issue check the Kaltura players official forums.

Quick start

  • Extract or git clone the mwEmbed folder to your php server.
  • Copy LocalSettings.php.sample to LocalSettings.php
  • Navigate to http://{yourServer}/path/to/mwEmbed/docs for player examples.

Hacking on mwEmbed

Release Notes

Release Notes documents every release and provides production, staging and zip downloads.

Libraries and sub-projects

Kaltura developed

External libraries

Library Features

The kaltura player feature hub hosts most of the libraries features and associated test files.

Timed Media Handler

Kaltura HTML5 library is the upstream library for the wikimedia video support in Timed Media Handler

License and Copyright Information

All mwEmbed code is released under the AGPLv3 unless a different license for a particular library is specified in the applicable library path

Authors: See GitHub contributors list.

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