Access controls test files should work with updated AccessControls API. #73

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The access control flags returned from getContextData - when the new access control mechanism was added we deprecated all the isXXXRestricted Booleans on KalturaEntryContextDataResult.

The reason is that now you can build arbitrarily complex rules, and these Boolean no longer have a meaning.
For example, I can build a rule on user agent AND country, so what should the server return – country restricted or
user agent restricted ?

The reason you are getting isUserAgentRestricted=true on the DOL access control is that we created it using the
old APIs (accessControl and not accessControlProfile). The server continues to return these flags for access controls
created using the old APIs for backward compatibility.

For new access controls, the server returns two new arrays in KalturaEntryContextDataResult – messages and actions.

The logic in the player should be something like:

If isSiteRestricted: display site blocked message
If isXXXRestricted: display XXX blocked message

If actions contains BLOCK:
If the messages array is not empty, concatenate the messages and present to the user
Otherwise, present a generic 'blocked by access control' message

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