Support variable playback speeds in browsers that support it #86

mdale opened this Issue Apr 23, 2012 · 6 comments

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@nirerlich we need some more details here on how we should expose this functionality... purely an api call? a uiElement, how is it configured in the uiConf etc.


@mdale was this a product requirement? who asked for it?


@nierlich this was client requested, when comparing other html5 libs. The main use case for this is lectures that applications that want to enable students to play back the video faster. I estimate a day or two. You can evaluate prioritisation.


moved to 1.8 .. we may decide we don't want to do this after all.


@mdale can we close this?


yep. Was merged via playbackRate branch.

@mdale mdale closed this Aug 20, 2013
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