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mdale commented Apr 10, 2012

tracks the kWidget refactor merge request for the 1.7 release

ranyefet and others added some commits Mar 8, 2012
@ranyefet ranyefet Test Commit 8f77f51
@ranyefet ranyefet changed some varibles names, fixed directDownloadOutput 37914b8
@ranyefet ranyefet fixed direct download fallback ab7fe15
@ranyefet ranyefet fixed ie8 issue with directDownload 5f3218d
@ranyefet ranyefet cleaned up flash embed methods 5ef75f3
@ranyefet ranyefet Merge branch 'develop' into kWidgetRefactor 0cd55a4
@ranyefet ranyefet * moved DomReady logic from mwEmbedLoader.js to kDomReady.js \n* remo…
…ved unused vars from DolStatistics plugin\n* general clean up
@ranyefet ranyefet moved checkKDPCallback and restoreKDPCallback to kWidget object d41affe
@avivais avivais Moved carousel styling to common css 14b2e44
@avivais avivais Revert "Moved carousel styling to common css"
This reverts commit 14b2e44.
@ranyefet ranyefet moved more global methods kWidget object 7810380
@ranyefet ranyefet merge with develop branch 48a812b
@ranyefet ranyefet merge with develop branch 1da90f5
@ranyefet ranyefet Merge branch 'kWidgetRefactor' of into kWi…
@ranyefet ranyefet changed appendCss to appendStyle b34a576
@ranyefet ranyefet moved entry data ready and metadata received triggers to inside the h…
@ranyefet ranyefet small changes 01a3032
@ranyefet ranyefet changed kGetAdditionalTargetCss to kWidget.getAdditionalTargetCss 1710c33
@ranyefet ranyefet changed kGetKalturaEmbedSettings to kWidget.getEmbedSettings 9ad6a99
@ranyefet ranyefet reference doucment variable in the local scope 74512c3
@ranyefet ranyefet Removed support for inline players 9bc5a5f
@ranyefet ranyefet typo in htmlspecialchars d966155
@ranyefet ranyefet removed postMessage api b7ed2ed
mdale commented on 9bc5a5f Mar 28, 2012

Ran when you said remove support for inline players I thought you refereed to players with which /can/ be deprecated, what we can't deprecate is just vanilla ... we should keep some version of that see http://localhost/html5.kaltura/mwEmbed/modules/EmbedPlayer/tests/Player_Sources.html in the new resource loader for example.

Your correct that this should not be the focus of the kWidget system but a small bit of code should keep a call in there so that we don't break that mode of usage ( lots of community usage of depends on that functionality as well as the Timed media handler extension, and we ( essentially ) have to support it on the iframe side of the player anyway since that is what we do there ( add a player to a video tag ) on the iframe side of the page.


Restore support in 8b67563

mdale commented on 8b67563 Mar 28, 2012

thanks! :)

Michael Dale added some commits Apr 24, 2012
Michael Dale renamed kDomReady to kWidget.domReady
( file names should reflect exposed object, sync
with 3e9ed3c )
Michael Dale ignore .project file e64d6b4
mdale commented May 4, 2012

if possible we need to either rebase or merge develop ( small kwidget refactor ) so that we can take the new parts of the larger kWidget factor here into the future of the develop branch. ( but probably after we release 1.6.12 and we are targeting 1.7 ).


Live Pull Request Urls


Updated pull request 65


Live Pull Request Urls


Updated pull request 65: e64d6b4

mdale commented Jun 6, 2012

@ranyefet can you take a look at newResourceLoader branch and see if we missed anything from the kWidget refactor efforts?


The only change as i remember is the removal of postMessage api.
But it pretty quick to restore.

I guess it's fine to remove kWidgetRefactor branch

@mdale mdale closed this Jun 11, 2012
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