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This repository contains the code (in PyTorch) for "Improved Techniques for Training Adaptive Deep Networks" paper by Hao Li*, Hong Zhang*, Xiaojuan Qi, Ruigang Yang and Gao Huang (* Authors contributed equally).


This paper presents three techniques to improve the training efficacy of adaptive deep networks from two aspects: (1) a Gradient Equilibrium algorithm to resolve the conflict of learning of different classifiers; (2) an Inline Subnetwork Collaboration approach and a One-for-all Knowledge Distillation algorithm to enhance the collaboration among classifiers.

Method Overview.


(a) Budgeted prediction results on ImageNet.

(b) Budgeted prediction results on CIFAR-100.



  • Python3
  • PyTorch >= 1.0


We Provide shell scripts for training an MSDNet on ImageNet with GE, ISC and OFA.

Training an IMTA_MSDNet (block=5, step=4) on ImageNet.

  • Step 1: Training an MSDNet with GE from scratch
    Modify the to config your path to the ImageNet, your GPU devices and your saving directory. Then run

  • Step 2: Training the classifiers with ISC and OFA
    Modify the to config your path to the ImageNet, your GPU devices and your saving directory (different from the saving directory of your GE_MSDNet). Please be noted that the MSDNet settings should be exactly the same as your trained GE_MSDNet, and the pretrained directory of IMTA_MSDNet should be the saving directory of your trained GE_MSDNet.

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