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A tiny plugin which allows you to add the original source (name and url) of a new link.
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Shaarli Via

Shaarli via is a tiny plugin which offers you the possibility to indicate the original source of a link that you share.

It adds 2 fields in the link edition page for the label and the url of the source. The source is then displayed at the end of the description (if you provided it, otherwise, nothing appears).


Via Git

If you use git you can run the following command from within the plugins folder of your Shaarli installation:

git clone via


Create the folder plugins/via in your Shaarli installation and copy all the files in it.


Then, activate the plugin through the plugin administration panel or edit the data/config.php file and add via in the array $GLOBALS['config']['ENABLED_PLUGINS']. For example, if you already have the Wallabag plugin installed, it'll look like this:

$GLOBALS['config']['ENABLED_PLUGINS'] = array (

Please note that it's a very first version which may need improvements.

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