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This is a collection of examples of various types for Openframework:

- fboRenderToTexture shows how to apply an FBO to an object through a 3d texture. Projects for linux32 Codeblocks are included.

- FractalFloatTerrainExample is an improved floatingPointImageExample example, a terrain with texture maps, normal maps, specular maps. Tangents and binormals are calculated by the shader. Projects for linux32 Codeblocks are included. All the textures ( texture map, normal map, specular map and height map) where made with L3DT terrain editor after exporting the height map was converted from .png to .exr in Photoshop (Remember: you must convert to 32bit format before exporting to .exr format).  

- pointPPLShaderExample and pointlightShaderExample_swiftless are two example of shader lighting inside OpenFramework.

- Sinewave_openCL_Book is an example of using openCL inside linux. (after trying to use without success MSAopenCL...) . Wait for examples using libstdcl : and

- ShadowMap example of shadow mapping in OF 007 adapted from Akira Hayasaka example

- ClassicNoise2Dexample is based on a Glsl shader taken from : very useful resource for Noise shader.

-MultiLightShaderExample is an example of multilight with a Glsl shader, at the moment spotLight not completely supported.

kalwaltart 09122012