a simple wrapper for polyvox lib, to make voxel meshes with a Minecraft style or as Marching cubes
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libs upgrade to polyvox0.2 version plus multisphere example Nov 29, 2012
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README.md readme : update to poyvox0.2 and armv7l test Dec 18, 2012



a simple OpenFrameworks addon that wrap the polyvox library, to make voxel meshes with a Minecraft style or as Marching cubes.

This addon is under heavy development. I'm using the git version from the master branch of polyvox

http://gitorious.org/polyvox but should be better to use the more stable release from here:


For info about polyvox:



Anyway you can just use as it is without change polyvox version. For now you can create your polyvox mesh and draw with OpenGL calls via Vertex and Index buffer or with void polyvoxToOfMesh(const PolyVox::SurfaceMesh& surfaceMesh, ofMesh& polyvxToOfMesh) outputting the polyvox mesh to an ofMesh. Just a note: if you want to use the LowPassFilter execute() you need to download instead the develop branch.

Tested with OF 0072. Updated to polyvox 0.2 version. Done some tests in armv7l arch with PandaboardES : ofxPolyvox::draw() it's not working at the moment. Should be adapted to GLES in a near future.


  • add other examples.
  • add LoadRawVolume(), id est a method to import .raw file (from Acropora) to display a volume.
  • add polyvoxToOfVbo to outputting a polyvox mesh to an ofVbo. ( already exist but is not working...)
  • add simple routines to smooth and decimate a mesh.