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Smallest, Easiest & Tiniest Flat-File CMS in PHP
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NanoCMS v0.4

NanoCMS was intended to be the smallest, easiest and simplest flat-file no-frills CMS in PHP. I have discontinued working on this project. v0.4 is the last version I released in 2009. You can obtain the lastest community version here -!

Personally I feel v0.4 is the last release which adheres to the initial design goal of being the Smallest CMS. Happy browsing.

Quick Feature List

  • Single page templates. Takes 2 minutes to add a new theme.
  • Extensible via Tweakers/Plugin system
  • Supports WYSIWYG via Tweakers
  • Content is divided into Pages & Blocks
  • Page Categories
  • Pages in a Category are auto-linked for Site Menus
  • Flat-File. Does not use DB.
  • Simple.
  • Multi-Lingual. Has support for over 7 languages.
  • Search engine friendly URL's if required.
  • And many more...

NanoCMS v0.4 Usage / Installation Instructions ::

Extract your files into a desired location.
Thats it NanoCMS is installed !!!.....sooo simple :)

All your NanoCMS core files are present inside directory "data/"

No need of any configurations. Login details can be set from Admin Panel itself.

./index.php - is your main website page
./data/nanoadmin.php - your admin panel file

Default Login Info
-Username : admin
-Password : demo

Dont worry about other files..

New Features / Change Log ::

+ Proper Multi Lingual capability..
+ Support for Cyrillic Charecters ( you will have to download "lang tweaker"
+ Language Selection available through tweakers
+ Search Engine Friendly url options..
+ Option to select Home page slug
+ Configure the slug variable, i.e to use ?slug= or ?page= etc...
+ Username / Password settings from Admin Panel itself.	
+ Proper 404 Page not found headers.

+ Admin panel can also be re-themed.
- Fixed various other bugs

NanoCMS v0.4 © 2007-2009 Kalyan ( )

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