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World of Tanks Console: Battle Count Tracking
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WoT Console: Player Battle Tracker v2

100% Arty-free. Guaranteed


First there was the WoT Console Player battle counter. An effort to make a database that counted how many players were active and to what degree. It was simple, cheap, and effecient.

Now we're rebooting the project, but this time we're enlisting help from the community. Instead of having just one server poll for data, we're distributing the work.

How it works

One server acts as the brain. Using PostgreSQL, it prepares and tracks the work of all nodes. It distributes script updates, stores collected statistics, and allows people to view progress. It doesn't matter if there is just one node or one hundred. It can scale to whatever level it needs to in order to support however many people wish to help.

Nodes interact with Wargaming's database. The server provides the API key required to authorize access and distributes the player IDs that they need to query. The results are then forwarded to the Tracker server for processing.

Nodes can pull updates from the server each time they start up. This allows a contributor to simply install the script, ensure it runs properly at least once and then promptly forget it. No need to check for updates in code, no need to keep an eye out for announcement emails.

How can I run it?

The goal of the project is to allow the script to run on any operating system: Linux, MacOS, or Windows. Scripts to run for setting up code directories, scheduled tasks, and checking for port connectivity will (hopefully) be provided. Instructions for setting up Python, Pip, and Virtual environments are planned.

All that is necessary is the operating system, Python, and a network connection that you don't mind being used. While you can install this on your own personal workstation, we advise not to for the reason that the script may use enough CPU to cut into important tasks (video watching, gaming, Microsoft Word, etc.) and may have a noticable performance impact. While we will try to minimize the noticable impact as much as possible, we do want to remind you that this is intended to run in a manner to finish the work as fast as possible.

Do you have a live example?

A public-facing server is available at Please note that you need the following to login in:

  • User: guest
  • Pass: wargaming

Please do not abuse the account by changing the password. This is shared by everyone in the community.

How can I help?

If you'd like to volunteer some processing power, send an email to

If you'd like to contribute to the ElasticSearch/Kibana service, please consider leaving a donation. All contributions go towards costs of the Elastic Cloud service.
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